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MarketingExperiments Online Testing - Learn how testing achieved an 819% increase in conversion

Cover of ME-001: Fundamentals of Online Testing

ME-001: Fundamentals of Online Testing

  • Online and on-demand seven session course
  • Learn what constitutes a valid sample size
  • Determine the best test design for your objective
  • Find out the best methods for interpreting your results
  • Calculate ROI based on your research
  • Learn How to Test and Optimize your Landing Pages

    The tests we conduct for our research partners have resulted in increases in conversion ranging from 114% to 1158%.

    We’ll teach you how to conduct tests on your own Web site –– we’ll even provide you with a free A/B split testing tool when you enroll so you can start testing right away.

    The Marketing Experiments Online Testing Professional Certification Course is a seven–session online and on demand course that will:

    • Improve your online testing skills
    • Increase your company’s revenue
    • Advance your career

    The course covers the fundamentals of online testing such as:
    • What constitutes a valid sample size
    • How to determine the best test design for your objective
    • How to interpret your findings
    • What to avoid when selecting a metrics vendor
    • How to calculate ROI based on your research
    • The process and classification of testing

    For the past five years, the MarketingExperiments Lab has been developing the optimum methodology for online experimentation. Working with both large and small research partners like The New York Times, Reuters, and, the Lab has tested more than 1 million key words, 20 million email messages, and 100,000 Order Paths.
    Take this course and you’ll:

    • Review the actual tests and landing pages we tested and optimized –– resulting in an 816% increase in conversion for one of our research partners.
    • Learn the methodology we use every day to significantly improve conversion for our research partners.
    • Find out how to use our Conversion Formula to optimize sites and apply it to one of your own sites as part of the course.
    • Use a set of simple principles and formulas that can help an organization run quick, efficient, money–saving microtests.

    Become a Certified Expert in the Fundamentals of Online Testing
    From the course you will earn more than increased conversion through application of the practical how–to knowledge you will gain. Once you have taken and passed the final exam, you will have earned designation as a Certified Professional in Fundamentals of Online Testing. As such, you will be entitled to use the Marketing Experiments Professional Certification Seal on your web site or Résumé, and your prospective customers or employers will be able to independently verify your credentials by searching the MarketingExperiments Registry of Certified Professionals.
    Designed for Real–World Success
    We will do everything possible to help you pass the exam and achieve your Professional Certification.
    In addition to online lectures, you will have full access to all of the course materials through a password–protected site, and will always be able to depend on receiving our individual attention as and when you need it.

    Order Here Risk-Free

    Learn the fundamentals of online testing

    Price: $595

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    Order Here Risk-Free

    Learn the fundamentals of online testing

    Price: $595

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