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Dr Flint Mc Glaughlin Marketing Experiments Sexyemail Event - Presentation Transcript
  1. Twitter hashtag: #sexyemail 3 december 2009
  2. Optimizing Landing Pages Using Offer Response Optimization Dr. Flint McGlaughlin Director, MECLABS @MktgExperiments
  3. Optimization Example
  4. Optimization Example
  5. Test Your Acumen Treatment One Treatment Two Treatment Three
  6. Results Web Hosting Offer Page Conversion Rate Treatment 1 1.31% Treatment 2 3.44% Treatment 3 2.05% Relative Difference 162%
  7. Test Your Acumen Treatment One Treatment Two
  8. Results Email Campaign Clickthrough Treatment 1 18.1% Treatment 2 21.8% Relative Difference 20%
  9. Test Your Acumen Treatment One Treatment Two
  10. Results Email Address Capture Conversion Rate Treatment 1 7.32% Treatment 2 10.95% Relative Difference 50%
  11. Test Your Acumen Treatment One Treatment Two
  12. Results Subscription Path Conversion Rate Treatment 1 1.03% Treatment 2 0.41% Relative Difference 148%
  13. POINT ONE We need a simple, systematic way to discover the changes we should test.
  14. Timeline MarketingExperiments was the first Internet-based research lab to conduct experiments in optimizing the conversion rate of sales and marketing processes. 1987 Preliminary Research Begins 1997 Research Program Established 2001 First Research Report Published 2002 Testing of Research Partnership Model Begins 2003 O/R=Oz Theory Validated 2006 Patent Filings for Research Findings (10 Heuristics)
  15. Heuristic • In philosophy, especially in Continental European philosophy, the adjective "heuristic" (or the designation "heuristic device") is used when an entity X exists to enable understanding of, or knowledge concerning, some other entity Y. • In human-computer interaction, heuristic evaluation is a usability-testing technique devised by expert usability consultants. – Wikipedia
  16. Heuristic Marketing Experiments Conversion Heuristic C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) - 2a © Email Messaging Heuristics © © ec < op < ct < lp eme = rv(of+ i) – (f + a)
  17. Heuristic Marketing Experiments Conversion Heuristic C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) - 2a © Motivation Incentive Anxiety (clarity of) Value Proposition Friction
  18. Fulcrum C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) - 2a © VC Value Proposition. Incentive. Friction. Anxiety. VI VC = Value Contributor VI = Value Inhibitor
  19. Fulcrum C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) - 2a © VC VC = Value Contributor VI = Value Inhibitor VI
  20. Fulcrum C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) - 2a © VI VC VC = Value Contributor VI = Value Inhibitor
  21. Four Key Questions 1. Why should my ideal prospect C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) - 2a © purchase from me rather than any of my competitors? 2. How can I minimize all of the elements in my sale path that cause VC psychological resistance? VI 3. How can I counter the remaining psychological resistance with extra VI incentive? VC 4. How can I over-correct all of the VC = Value Contributor elements which cause psychological VI = Value Inhibitor concern in my sale path?
  22. POINT TWO We need to apply this methodology to live landing pages.
  23. Previous live optimizations 69% Increase In Conversion
  24. Previous live optimizations • 24 145% Increase In Conversion
  25. Previous live optimizations 300% Increase In Conversion
  26. Live Optimization 26
  27. landing page Pages/Levio%20pallettrucks.aspx 27
  28. landing page Google Translate > English 28
  29. email newsletter 8VLVZ58pyISzDmNe3kLC6iRP7UmDz3VZXyT6 dtvmLMM9sTati2q95*1xY 29
  30. email newsletter Google Translate > English 30
  31. email newsletter 9YVjBFxs0Pum0wdrjU5QJFa0TjE 31
  32. email newsletter Google Translate > English 32
  33. De Telegraaf email newsletter ailView?ms=MzQ0MDY3NDUS1&r=MzQ2MjQ 3NDExNwS2&j=NjA3OTY3ODQS1&mt=1&rt=0 33
  34. De Telegraaf email newsletter Google Translate > English 34
  35. 35
  36. Vereniging Eigen Huis email newsletter l?ID=PfO2rRhlHTjuPPPw&r=r 36
  37. Hi telecom email newsletter 37
  38. Thank You: Special Research Brief Optimizing your Email in Three Steps: How one marketer tripled revenue from their house list It's far less expensive to retain a current customer than to find and acquire a new one. Working with a partner that sends more than one billion emails annually, we discovered three key lessons on how to maximize revenue from your house list. In this special research brief, we'll show you what we learned in this study and how you can use these three key takeaways to maximize your email effectiveness in 2010. 38
  39. Optimizing Landing Pages Using Offer Response Optimization 
  40. Dr. Flint McGlaughlin Director, MECLABS @MktgExperimen

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Transferable job skills don't develop overnight

Most people send out their resumes out to many different companies and never get any replies. It's not your resume sending techniques; it's your skills or lack thereof. No longer do theoretical skills appeal to employers unless you're a math major. Your marketable skills have to show accomplishment rather than be a list of inexperienced skills.

Start a side project in your spare time that can bring out your value. If your job field is marketing, then create a viral campaign on the internet and document the process. You'll not only hone in on your marketing skills, but will demonstrate application of your knowledge.

Get an internship or volunteer position in a field where you want to develop skills. If you're interested in managing a restaurant business, become a waiter or a busboy. But don't sit back and work. Be active and ask questions on how things are run. Make it clear that you have a desire to learn and are willing to learn things from the ground up.

If you currently have a job at a company, ask to participate in any projects they might be having. You don't have to be the team leader in the group, but at least show you played a part in their success. This also shows your interest in the company and your eagerness to stay on top of their affairs.

The key is to keep learning, no matter what stage of your career you're at. Transferable job skills don't develop overnight. They require effort and some initiative on your part, but it will have long-lasting effects on your career. Being able to talk intelligently and confidently about a project for which you played a primary role in its success is incredibly important. Make sure you can describe the problem clearly and how your project solved the problem, even to a nontechnical person. Showing passion for your work is very attractive for a prospective employer.

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   Article marketing E-book

If you have an online business than chances are you are always on the lookout for the best ways of giving it a jump start. Maybe you want more traffic? Maybe you are looking for better sales? Or maybe you are just after some extra publicity? Well guess what; article marketing can help you accomplish exactly this and much, much more. It now stands as one of the most popular and risk free ways to get your online business out there to more people but still the question remains; how can you market a business primarily from articles? Well let us help you answer that.

Let's start with why Article Marketing

currently stands as one of the best ways for you to advertise your business online. Well for starters you have a global audience at your disposal 24/7 so you are never short of people to promote too. Want some more reasons? See below.

    Search Engine Optimization Explained ...

  • You have the opportunity to pre-sell your product to potential customers through what you tell them in your Article Marketing.
  • Article Marketing gives you the chance to create a brand identity for your business.
  • It allows you to effectively sell whatever product or service you have regardless of the price.
  • You are able to ensure that your brand gains re-sell value, which will open up a whole new avenue of business for you.
  • Article Marketing ensures you are establishing your business' credibility by demonstrating your knowledge within a particular subject area.

Making the most of Article Marketing!

Not only do you get all of the above when it comes to Article Marketing but you get all of this at a next to nothing price. This is because Article Marketing costs almost nothing but for the amount that you will pay you will get niche-based international promotion for your products. This is thanks to the amount of article directories that are already on the Internet.

Just do a simple search on one of the major search engines and you will easily see there are hundreds of article directories on the Internet, each of which have millions of articles present in them promoting all aspects of business. Because of this hundreds of companies are already investing significantly within Article Marketing. Looking at this it is unquestionable that Article Marketing is defiantly the way to go. However the most important thing to keep in mind is if you are going to use it then you have to do it right! So how do you know what is right and what is wrong? Well as I have previously mentioned, this is why we are here to help!

Here at Article Alley we are one of the largest and fastest growing Article Directories around so we know a thing or two, especially when it comes to Article Marketing, which is why we want to inform you more about it and to help you do just that we have written and produced a book guiding you step by step through the process of Article Marketing.

May we introduce to you: Article Marketing and Social Bookmarking

It is through this book that we are able to help you take control and implement Article Marketing as a means of promoting your website.

It is through this book that you will truly be able to grasp the power of Article Marketing.

It is through this book that you will be able to learn and uncover the secrets associated with Article Marketing. It is these secrets that will get your business out in the open. It is these secrets that are already being used by some of the top achieving websites and for these sites the secrets have become something of a second nature, now it's your websites turn!

With the help of our book you will come to learn everything you need to know as a means of leveraging the full potential of this powerful marketing technique. We cover everything that you need to know including how you go about writing the best titles through to the best writing techniques followed by the ability to produce the best bio in order to secure those oh so important URL clicks. But wait this isn't all.

We will also go the extra mile and inform you of the best article directories to submit you're writing to. So if you want the best chance of driving traffic then we'll tell you the best strategies. Think about it this way, your competitors are probably already using this help so don't let your business get left behind!


At Article Alley our directory already features over 58,000 authors, a number which is increasing on a daily basis. All of our authors continue to write and publish articles on a daily basis in order to gain search engine rankings and as a means of directing traffic to their website or blog. They know the secrets of Article Marketing and now for a mere $39.99 so can you!

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