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Aug 07, 2009 07:39 pm | InfoWorld

20-page PDFs highlight hands-on test results and deployment advice from the tech-expert site's editors and contributors
by InfoWorld staff

Infoworld today released two special PDF reports in its "Deep Dive" series: one on Windows 7 and one one enterprise iPhone. InfoWorld, a Web-based publication devoted to emerging technology and

 hands-on business tech expertise, had previously released a "Deep Dive" report on next-gen mobile devices and a quick-start guide to Windows 7.

The new reports feature the results of hands-on testing from InfoWorld's independent Test Center. They also contain deployment advice for the new Microsoft Windows, due to be released on Oct. 22, and the new iPhone 3.0 OS, released in late June, from the site's cadre of editors and working-professional contributors.

The "Windows 7 Deep Dive" explores the performance of the forthcoming Windows 7, with special attention to Windows 7's ability to perform on the new generation of multicore chips compared to Windows Vista and XP. It also examines the changes to the Windows operating system's interface and explores the changes under the hood, such as to its security capabilities. The "Deep Dive" report also explores ways to make Windows 7 more secure, integrate with Microsoft's Windows Server 2008, and migrate from Windows XP in a business environment. (InfoWorld also offers a tool to check PCs' compatibility with Windows 7, as well as a quick-start guide to Windows 7 for busy execs.)

The "Enterprise iPhone Deep Dive" explores the use of Apple's popular mobile device in a business context, examining how well Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility and the newfound support in the recent iPhone 3.0 OS for Microsoft's ActiveSync management tool actually work. The report also examines the business fit of the new iPhone 3.0 OS and compares the iPhone to its primary business-class competitors: the RIM BlackBerry and the Palm Pre. For professional developers, the report shows the results of InfoWorld's hands-on testing of third-party iPhone application development tools.

More information on InfoWorld's "Deep Dive" reports, other editorial reports, and InfoWorld's set of tools for users can be found at