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From the desk of:

Alexander Sol

Dear friend,

I quit my job. I hated my boss, I hated my pay, I hated working from 9 to 5. Most importantly I hated not being able to afford all those things I have always wanted to buy or to do! But one day it all changed...

The True Story

My name is Alexander and I am 22 years old. I do not make millions, and I will not show off my Ferrari in front of my ten million dollar castle like many other marketers do. I simply do not own a Ferrari and a huge castle... In fact I am driving a Volkswagen and live in a small flat in Montreal, Canada.

I am sure many of you can relate to my story, so here it is...


The Job

A few years ago I was employed by a local reputable software company. I was hired to do telephone and e-mail support. At first we were 4 people in the support department but one year later the company decided to let go other employees since I was doing a great job and was capable of handling all the clients on my own.

... I have been promised a salary increase along with some pretty neat benefits such as dental insurance, medical insurance and so on. When I heard the news from my manager I got so excited - I went ahead and purchased a brand new car. Nothing extraordinary, a $25 000 Volkswagen but it was huge for me being a 21 year old guy that only owned nearly totalled $500 rusted cars!


The Argument

Couple of months go by - I do not get my raise. I go to speak to my manager and after a good 15 minutes of arguing she comes clear:

"Alex, we are not going to pay you more because we know you aren't going to leave us. We all know you just bought a car and you won't be able to pay it off if you quit..."

Wow! I didn't expect this! I started laughing then I walked out of the office and went home... I thought of coming back a few times but my pride would not allow me to do so. I never came back to work.


The New Life

Not having enough money saved up, I had to find another job. The problem was - I knew I will have a new boss. I will work hard making someone else rich - and it didn't make me happy. So I started selling things on eBay and searching for other jobs I could do from home. While browsing eBay I stumbled across several products promising to make me rich. I went ahead and spent about $1,000 on these products - but they never got me anywhere because most of them kept asking me to buy this system, buy this, buy that...

This is when I realized no one was going to unveil "The Money Making Secret" and I started spending 12-16 hours a day just researching "Internet Marketing". I started testing some free techniques since I didn't want to lose anymore money... The new career seemed frustrating, not profitable and I started looking for a job.


The First Sale

As I was sending my résumés to potential employers I logged into my Clickbank account and my jaw dropped! I had made my very first sale online! It was October 20th 2007 - I remember it as if it happened yesterday! My first $44 commission!

Constantly thinking of that very first commission, I went to drop off my job applications. When I got back home, the $44 commission was still there and I still could not believe it so I refreshed the browser and BANG there was a second sale! A total of $88 - I made less than that at my 9 to 5 job! This is when I realized I had discovered the way to do it. Even though I did not make 1 single sale in the following week - I knew I was well on my way to making a living off of the internet.


Few Months Go By

I kept on repeating the process for weeks and the amount of money I was earning started increasing. At this exact moment I am averaging about $10 000 a month. The coolest thing is I only spend 5-10 hours a week working. I have paid off my car and I went on European vacation this summer - for the very first time in my life. I can't explain the feeling I had while visiting Berlin, Amsterdam and London, realizing how quitting my job and stumbling across an easy process has paid for this very vacation...

Here is a screen shot of one of my Clickbank accounts:

One Month Affiliate Clickbank Earning Screenshot

(Notice: Clickbank verifies the authenticity of each screen shot published)


The Offer

Almost 1 year later I even started offering private coaching! I have decided it was time to help out other folks who are in need and do not have lots of money to spend on this kind of education - so I created a video course. Clients get the same value but at a much smaller cost.

This is probably the most helpful internet marketing course you will ever find. Unlike many e-books and courses offered all over the Internet - One Month Affiliate reveals EVERY technique I use, every little detail and most importantly it is very easy to understand and follow since it's a VIDEO guide, let me explain...

I have started a brand new campaign and I recorded EVERY single click of the mouse that goes on my screen. The course contains hours of detailed video, step by step, from scratch to profits. For a limited time I am letting you steal my techniques and start making money online. You do not even need a start up budget - I did it with $0, absolutely no knowledge about web design or marketing - and now you can do it too!

Just imagine if you had me looking over your shoulder as you were creating your internet business. How much better do you think it would turn out? And how much profit do you think it would mean?

What if I could show you exactly what I do to earn this kind of money. So you could simply watch and repeat what I do... time and time again and make a decent income?


"One Month Affiliate Video Course"

One Month Affiliate Cover


Here is what you'll discover when you grab your copy of "One Month AffiliateVideo Course":



How to start making money online within a month and without spending a penny! Even if you are completely new to this!



The very first step You should take when creating a new online business... without this You'd be lost!



How to find companies who will pay you BIG bucks for simply promoting their products or services!



How to find loads of customers eager to buy from You, making you richer by the hour!



How to create a professional website for free and within minutes - even if you have no clue about web designing or programming!



How to drive thousands of paying customers to your website - completely free!



Online money making techniques that never fail, even if you live at the North Pole!



Easy to follow step by step instructions. Any person of any age can do it- it's that easy!



... and much much much more - all in high quality video format!



Your Life is About to Change

Once you go through the course and start building your own online business, you will start making money. By simply following this detailed video course you will:



Never worry about bills again!



Never get stressed because of your job or your boss!



Never worry about losing your job and not being able to support the family



Have loads of free time to spend with your family!



Be able to go on vacation anytime you wish - anywhere you wish!



Work whenever you chose! 10 hours a week is plenty!



Get healthier - because you can afford it!



Never hear yourself say again "If I only had the money..."

... I am sure You can name many other great reasons. So don't waste another second and start making money online right now!



"Okay Alex - So What's The Cost For This Incredible Program?"

Let's do a quick comparison - last time I checked an Internet Marketing seminar would set you back over $3,000.00. Or you could easily waste over $1000.00 on many promising e-books that will confuse you, leading you to a dead-end.

Or you could hire a personal coach (like me) to work with you. My current charge is $100 per hour for personal training. Normally, you will need at least a few hours of training (that's at least $300). This way, I figure at a bare bones minimum you're getting hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of my expertise at your disposal inside the One Month Affiliate video program.

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum hourly rate! In fact, your total investment for the entire "One Month Affiliate" course is just $167.77 $67.77. That's less than one hour of coaching! And the next few orders will also receive an EXCLUSIVE bonus (I'll tell you about it in a moment).

So what's the catch? Why am I practically giving this program away?

Well, it's really quite simple. Since you'll be watching the videos directly on the Internet I have no inventory costs and no printing and packaging fees. I don't need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone (though, you are welcome to call me to rest assured that I am a real person). This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. So you win and I win. But don't worry, access to the videos is granted instantly after the payment!


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I am offering a 30 minute phone consultation completely free of charge($50 value!) as a bonus to my course! Other successful marketers think I am crazy because I am offering this completely FREE!

I don't know for how long this bonus will be available! I might take it offline ANY moment, simply because I have businesses to run, new money making strategies to develop, money to make and most importantly, with the number of sales coming in now - I simply will not be able to handle all the clients!

I suggest you GRAB this opportunity by the horns while it's available because it will not last forever!


And guess what, it gets even better!

100% No hassle - Money Back Guarantee

If you follow the One Month Affiliate video course, step by step, I guarantee you will start making extra money within 30 days! However, I will let you test drive this video course for 60 days and if you are not completely satisfied with the results - I will gladly refund 100% of the money you paid for this course - no questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose!


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Sincerely Yours,

Alexander Sol

Internet Marketer

my personal e-mail: alex[AT]onemonthaffiliate[DOT]com

my phone # : 514.266.4640



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