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Our Top Anti-Aging Picks for 2010

The site was created to rate, review, and compare various anti-aging products available to consumers today. There are many sites that review these products, so we created a simple summary of our top 3 products. There are so many choices, with different ingredients, confusing studies and claims, and expensive price tags!

We rated our picks on a 5 point scale based on ingredients, results, and value. All the products below will help smooth your skin, tighten elasticity, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. No needles, injections, or that "fake" plastic look.                                                                                         Kumaara  Antioxidant Skin Repair


OVERALL:                     4.8
VALUE: 5.0


Dermitàge is now offering trials of the product. You only pay shipping and processing. Click here to see if thefree* trial promotion is still running.

About the Product:

We choose Dermitàge the #1 anti-aging product on the basis of the ingredients, its results, and the value ofoffering a free* trial to prove to you it's the best.

Although it's a relatively new product introduced to the market, Dermitàge has created a cutting edge scientific formula to penetrate its ingredients to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Their formula contains 2 patented ingredients: Lifting spheres – which help plump up the skin for an instant lifting effect, and QuSomes – which encapsulate and deliver the ingredients to provide maximum efficacy. The ingredients have also been shown to help boost your own natural collagen production. The 2 products in the kit that last about 60 days are:

  • Instant Lifting Crème (1 fl oz. / 30ml):
  • Lifting Spheres firm skin & smooth out wrinkles from underneath
  • Hyaluronic Acid restores moisture for soft & supple skin
  • Inflacin calms redness and irritation for a beautiful glow
  • Skin Renewal Complex (0.5 fl oz. / 15ml):
  • Glucosamine Complex boosts collagen for less-visible fine lines
  • Aloe Vera extract soothes skin for a smoother appearance
  • Botanical Antioxidants protect skin from weather & sun exposure

Consumer Tested Results:

Recently, a group of first-time users of Dermitàge were surveyed about the results:

** Results gathered from a study of 277 individuals following a comprehensive home use test. Individual results may vary.

Dermitàge Results:

She's 58 but Looks 38!
Dermitàge is smooth and feels refreshing and cooling. As soon as I put it on, I feel like I can smile without cracking! My skin looked smoother and more relaxed – a noticeable improvement. I'm using it every day!
– Marjorie A., Arizona

Crow's Feet Nearly Gone!
I saw immediate improvement. Now I have to use a magnifying mirror to see where the crow's feet used to be – and the skin around my eyes is firmer and less puffy than before. I love Dermitàge!
– Mrs. Ginsburg, New York

Where to get it free*:

Dermitàge Anti-Aging System

Instant Lifting Crème & Skin Renewal Complex

We selected Dermitàge the best product on the basis of its ingredients. To get the best deal on Dermitàge try the free* trial here.


OVERALL:                                   4.7
VALUE: 4.5

Best New Product

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Our Top Anti-Aging Picks for 2010

E-Creative Editor's Choice 2010



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